Painting and decorating your home

Painting and decorating your home is made easier today by the extensive options available.

The bountiful home decorating market does not exist by luck but by development from years of development by interior-designers, manufacturers, builders and decorators.

Think, for example, of the invention of emulsion paint and double-glazing that control heat gain and loss, that has allowed for a larger and larger expanse of glass. Interior rooms can now be open to the sun all year round with less concern for temperature control. And we can easily control the heat with shades and blinds. Conservatories and ceiling to floor glass doors are now all the rage

Yet it all starts with the colour of the room – and the emulsion paint market has never been so competitive with excellent ‘home’ brand dominating the cheaper end of the market, causing the paint manufacturers to improve their selection in terms of.


All this adds up to incredible choices

If you have decided that certain rooms in your home are in need of a new look, and you are looking for some paint to help you achieve this, then you have come to the right place.

Why use Johnstone Interiors

We combine youth with experience, which helps us to create mature and comfortable interiors without losing the freshness that we believe is essential. See about us.

You could not do better than to bring your decorating problems to us, we will solve them with speed and efficiency. Teams of painters, craftsmen and women have been working with us for many years and are producing the high standards required. See painting & decorating.

  • Extensive range of samples in the showroom
  • Advice on all aspects of interior design given
  • Prices cover very wide spectrum
  • Craftsmen and women available for all aspects of our work
  • Commercial projects undertaken
  • Distance no object
  • Plastering and other propery services available